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When you will be fed up to with being with your friends, come to see me

5th december 2012, On Monday, I had to go to the LMDE to renew my student health insurance. On the spot, I took the ticket number 25 while they called the 14. I thus waited during almost one hour ! To kill time, I looked for a bullshit I could do with my cell phone… I […]

The « Sex instructor »

1st December 2012, I’ve got a good and a bad news. The good news it’s that I’ve been blowed. The bad news it’s that it’s by the girl of the last week, the one with whom I would like to go slowly. I really liked her so we kept in touch during all the week […]

May the God of the doggystyle forgive me

24th November 2012, I’m not saying that I want to be in a relationship because I know the important thing is to not get carried away (but we can get girls to relax). However, I met a girl with whom I think that could be cool. Yeah, you read well : I felt a very special […]

The manual of the man who misses the inevitable

3rd November 2012, The manual of the man who misses the inevitable : Chapter 1 : put your phone in silence mode when the girl that want you to doggystyle works at night and wants to join you after her job. Twice. (I did it last Saturday and I did it again on Wednesday,  fuxelife). Chapter […]

Audrey Hepbrun and me

1st November 2012, I broke my phone yesterday. I wanted to cry. Still in a bad mood, I missed my bus this morning and walked in a puddle.  I thought « Fuxelife ». But, fortunately, a little human being restored my faith in the humanity. So, I was chatting about this and that with this chick via […]

The king of the cunnilingus

29th October 2012, Hélène is a friend I met on MSN (quite a while already) and I didn’t see since three months… She texted me she wanted to come over at 4pm for a drink and came with a bottle of fruit juice. After a while, she asked if we could have a nap…Taken short, […]

The barmaid

28th October 2012, I’m going through an existential crisis : I think it’s time to change my lifestyle. After the week-end of integration, I really want to stop alcohol (even if it was fun). Indeed, it makes us do stupid mistakes, then it destroys our bodies… and for what ? To feel a little bit more […]

I felt like a porn actor

7th October 2012, Week-end of integration of my college, it was « legendary » : I put my life on the line by making wet a Corsican, I wrote on the butt of a girl with her red lipstick and many other madnesses. But let’s take it in order chronological: the afternoon of the first day, there was […]

A platonically sexual relation with a Parisian

24th September 2012, What’s up ? First of all, I try to fuck an American girl. I talked to her in a club, good vibe, and she suddenly disappeared. Fortunately, I had enough time to take her Facebook. So, I contacted her on FB, we met and we drank three or four drink of Muscat. […]

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